Thursday, August 25, 2011

Looking at cows is kind of restful...

Cows, that is, not immediately destined for the platter. When I am hiking I always stop to take photos of the cattle and sheep...and so I must have at least 100 shots of sheep. Do you realize how many different types of sheep there are in Britain? Lots. Have only run into one cow that had a serious attitude problem, but she did have a calf in the field. This one, however, was so soft and chocolatey (is that a word?) that I knew I would paint her.

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  1. Ceci! I love the photo above! I love looking at cows too, whenever we are on one of our long drives, we play the "name the cow game" and try to guess the breed, It is pretty easy in North America, but not so sure I would do so well in Europe! Where is this,what kind of cow is that and what is the cow smelling ha ha! great painting, 6x6, love the size too!