Saturday, November 12, 2011


The Eastside Culture Crawl is next weekend in Vancouver and, as mentioned before, my studio space is included. This brings back memories of getting ready for three and four day craft events when I made dolls. Yikes. But we will be indoors with heat, lights and other creature comforts (counting blessings here!) The economy is a concern for many of the over 300 artists who are participating in this three day event. Do you keep your prices 'steady' or adjust them for these challenging times? If you adjust them, are you being fair to previous clients who have purchased your work? Lots off issues to consider. As for myself, I try to price my work so that if someone loves it and wants it - they might actually be able to afford it. Sounds silly, but I would rather have someone buy a nice painting for $300, than keep it stored for $600. I know many artists who feel otherwise as the true value of a piece of art is a combination of many factors but we each have our own approach to how (and why) we sell our 'work'. I hope some of my pieces find happy homes and make people smile. This 6 x 6 oil painting was recently sold. My small paintings like this are priced at $50. The buyer was happy.

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