Monday, June 11, 2012

One, Two, Three...

It has been awhile since my last posting (I hang my head...ohhh) . In that time I have been to France and back (loads of photos for future paintings!), and have been working to get a dozen or so paintings ready for a showing in the public areas of a local law firm. That will finally get hung tomorrow (yay!). In between I have been going through the equivalent of jet lag...i.e. 'studio lag'. That is where I've been away from the studio for a few weeks and have to 'adjust' myself to get back to painting regularly. I have completed a few works, mostly in the 16 x 20 range. This 6 x 6 effort was a fun way to 'adjust' back to a Daily Paintworks posting. The second work (The Fish) is 12 x 12 on a stretched canvas.

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