Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fire in the Belly

A quick posting, cuz I said I would...I have so many new goals this year, one being posting more regularly to my blog...and that includes being more diligent about photographing and posting new paintings. On another note I have just been accepted as a new partner by a local artists' cooperative (more on that, later), meaning I will have a gallery venue for my work year 'round. That should keep me on my toes! Tomorrow I am off to Scottsdale for a five day workshop with Larisa Aukon, an artist who, when I first saw her work, I thought "I am going to paint with her one day"...and I will post more on the workshop as it unfolds (if I can post from my iPad), or in a week upon my return. AND...please check out the site of another fine artist, Dee Sanchez, whose paintings exude the atmosphere and warmth of her southwest home (SO different from Vancouver), at Makes me feel toastie, even though we are at -3C this afternoon.

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