Thursday, January 2, 2020

Good grief!

A lost blog, re-found...and somewhere in the netherworld lies my 'replacement blog'. Oh, don't you miss the days when you had a problem and could get on the telephone to a real person and ask for guidance? Be it your cable service, the drug store, ANY government office, or even your one has a real person answering the phone anymore. I cringe when I think of the frustration this causes non-techies (I have friends my age who do not even have cell phones), and, especially, the elderly, which, by some opinions, I am soon to join (not!)

I am now in the second day of my 69th year - meaning I just had my 68th birthday. I think the day before should be the notable date...the completion of one's year. On that 'anniversary' date were are proceeding into our next year...don't you think?

It was a year of painting and some travelling, and loads of time spent caring for an elderly step mother. She is nearing 90 and still lives alone in a small apartment and tries to get out at least every other day. I usually drive over and take her to the big mall where she meets up with her 87 year old sister, who takes two busses and the Skytrain to get there from Chinatown (Vancouver, BC). My step mother is very stubborn. Sweet, but stubborn.

These driving expeditions are always right in the middle of the day - 11 am pick-up - and have drastically affected my time in my studio in town (I like to LEAVE the studio by 2 to avoid our insane traffic). The logical solution was to sell all my dining room set and make studio in the biggest, brightest room in the house. I always had a home studio, but now it is, well, bigger. I wander in there right after I press the coffee maker button. Too convenient.

My work always has a gap right after the big Eastside Culture Crawl, which is mid-November, but this year I made the point of pulling out my acrylics and working on small abstracts. Loads of fun - but also lots of analysis and thought. Approaching a representative painting is easier, in my opinion. These are 8" x 8", with one being 6 x 6. Acrylic/mixed media on panels. Contact me if interested ;-)

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