Thursday, September 22, 2011

Remember Mojave

It's fall on the wet coast of Canada. We had a bit of a laugh yesterday when the Environment Canada forecast was for "a rain warning". (Our weather is almost identical to Seattle, for my American friends - lots of rain). It prompted me to finish up this 6 x 6 painting inspired by a spring visit to the Mojave Desert. I have a particular love for letting the 'colourist' in me come out to play.

Friday, September 16, 2011

My take on a copse of trees and a small valley, painted from two photos taken when walking in England. I loved playing with the colour to create a dream of the landscape. These days I have been working on a larger portrait and some dog portraits and must get back to doing some smaller pieces for daily exercise and simply for fun. Readying myself for some shoulder surgery in two weeks so no workshops or classes, other than doggy classes for super-duper-pooper-Cooper.

Friday, September 9, 2011

This old guy has seem many better days and I am sure he more than pulled his weight, so to speak. Many of my friends (or, rather, friends of my ex-who-uses-my-garage) drive classic British sports cars, but somehow a derelict has more appeal for a painting. Makes me want to drive to Saskatchewan and find old farm equipment! Wonder if my recently acquired 1962 Corvair Greenbrier would make the trip.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Petite Chat 3

This is another view of a lovely little stray cat in France. She just sat in the sun as all cats do. I am back home with my own dogs now after 8 days of "boxer-sitting". I miss having a 10 pound head resting on my foot. Here in Vancouver we are finally having the heat of the summer during the days, combined now with the unmistakable coolness of fall at night. My thoughts are with Carol Marine (Daily Paintworks) and her family whose home was in the path of those terrible fires in Texas. Every day - be grateful.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Yesterday I visited a dear friend in the hospital. I've loved and admired Joyce for over 35 years (I am presently house sitting for her son and granddaughter)...and I have been wearing her old torn and stained painting coat all week. Recently, at age 90, she had a health set back and, while she is making a strong  recovery, she does not think she will be painting anymore, and she has gifted me the use of her coat (an old factory shop coat). I already know it has good juju (it's my evil paint-brushes that foil me!) Anyway, her hospital room-mate has a Jack Russell...and so here is Jack! This is from a photo I took in Cornwall, England. He was in his "dad's" arms but anxiously looking over his shoulder for "mom" who had walked away minutes before.